Deceased Estate Attorneys

We have 42 years experience

Losing a loved-one is a traumatic and emotionally-challenging time and this is when trustworthy legal support can ease the burden. With over 40 years of experience, Lazzara Leicher has the skills, insight and expertise to assist you meaningfully by reporting and finalising the deceased estate as quickly as possible.

We can act as the Executor of your estate or assist the appointed Executors to wind up the financial affairs and prepare all necessary documentation. Lazzara Leicher will ensure that the deceased estate is processed by the Master of the High Court without any unnecessary delays.

In line with the Will of the deceased, we will support heirs and beneficiaries by distributing property and assets accordingly. We would also assist to collect outstanding monies, settle debts and finalise the estate's financial affairs as soon as possible. Where property transfers need to be effected, our Conveyancing department would act speedily. If the deceased person died without leaving a valid Will, Lazzara Leicher will assist the family to administer the deceased estate for a favourable outcome.

You can depend on our skills, experience and understanding of the legal system and be assured of professional and reliable services at this difficult time.